The Group

The ShimiJanzan Group


ZANJAN SHIMI Co. has been established on land of 7000 m2 in field of recycling used lubricants in QAZVIN-IRAN in 1992.


Company had started with producing base oil by recycling used lubricants. Potential of upward growing in each section of company caused a big move by attaining license of producing engine oil and industrial oils form standard institution of IRAN in 1995.


ZANJAN SHIMI Co. has started to export products to Neighboring countries such as IRAQ, TURKEY, PAKISTAN and AZERBAIJAN and selected as best exporter in 1998.


Increase in demand for ZANJAN SHIMI Co. products lead to Increase production capacity up to 14500 ton per year in 1999.


Since 2005, with new management arrangements, the company has been marketing to expand its sales market in other region of the world, and now the products of company are export to UAE, SUDAN, TURKEY, SYRIA, GEORGIA, TAJIKISTAN, KOSOVO AUTONOMOUS REPUBLIC.


In 2013, in order to produce better products as well as protecting the environment, the traditional and harmful used oil recycling line with acid-clay is converted into a vacuum distillation line. Today, ZANJAN SHIMI Co. products are supplied to the domestic and global markets with better quality.



Products of ZANJAN SHIMI Co. is distributed in markets with AMITIS, RONAK, URANUS brands.


The goal of ZANJAN SHIMI Co. as a Complex, from its inception at the staff and management level, has been to supply quality and affordable products to our customers. Because all the members of ZANJAN SHIMI Co. believe that consumers of our products deserve the best quality at the most affordable price.